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4 Years Ago… TinDragon Media’s story as a production company began in March of 2019.

Two friends and creative partners wanted to combine their passion for filmmaking with giving businesses and organizations a voice in telling their story. The journey has been filled with amazing people, evocative imagery, new discoveries and a lot of growth!

TinDragon Media prevailed through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, thanks to many collaborations with great clients and the most talented creatives in the business (Camera Operators, Gaffers, Animators, Illustrators, etc). 

All throughout the month of March, TinDragon Media is doing a special retrospective series about the defining projects and relationships that made the company the success it is today. You’ll see clips, behind-the-scenes and thoughts from the team. Plus new marketing content from the TDM Collaborators! 


Can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you all month-long! New posts come in daily!

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