March Madness!

What a whirlwind of a month! We got the chance to attend South by Southwest in Austin, Texas. Saw a lot of fantastic films, both feature and short-length (will list them at the end).

After a smorgasbord of Lone Star BBQ and binging movies, Walker and I made a breakthrough in our professional careers... OFFICIAL BUSINESS OWNERS! Getting back to Los Angeles, the two had to register our business with the state and complete the proper documentation to make it all legitimate. And we got contracted for one of our biggest projects yet!

As of March 22nd, 2019, TinDragon Media was born.

Meet the CEO & President

Surreal doesn't begin to describe the feeling of setting up your production company. Extraordinary in many senses. Terrifying, on the other hand. You have expectations and goals of where you see yourself in 5 years, 10 and beyond. For myself, I believed that a production company should not only be about making movies or Scrooge McDuck levels of income. Although all of that SOUNDS CHANTASTIC TO ME. Growing up, I wanted to connect with people of all walks of life with my films. Become the next Spielberg. Every aspiring filmmaker around my age probably credits the Jaws and E.T. director at one point or another.

Becoming a professional in the film and TV industry, I realized that telling my own stories wasn't enough. My yearning was deeper. Utilizing experiences and talents that grew throughout my career, I wanted to direct it into helping other people and organizations get their voices or messages heard. Sometimes they don't know how or where to begin. If we are capable of providing the agency to our clients with creative content that will assist them in their missions, then it is a job well-done.

Going back to my previous point, I am thrilled and anxious about what the future holds for TinDragon Media. Will our clientele evolve alongside our experiences ? When does a business model need to be upgraded? Who will join Team TinDragon down the road? Questions, questions, questions!

I am not an oracle, but I know TinDragon Media is gonna be one hell of a personal yet professional adventure for me. There is a lot of heart that is fueling this filmmaking engine, and I am glad to be sharing this opportunity with my partner in crime.

Why TinDragon Media?

"Oddyssey Films" was always an placeholder while Walker and I carefully discussed why starting a business was so important to us as film people. When it came time to sign and make it official, we took the time to ponder for a real name that we would not regret in the near future. Two days later, TinDragon came bubbling from our collective synapses. Origin story up ahead...

Back in our college days at Emerson, Walker and I did not actually know each other until our final semester as seniors. Totally on different orbits. Back in 2015, I recalled seeing a very sentimental yet ambitious Western short by Walker called "The Tin Cowboy."

Shot on film in the middle of a hellish Boston winter, I found myself impressed at its technical cinematography while intrigued at its themes of family and why heroic fables are only meant for the movies. And that was it. Never met the director until we worked together in 2016 on another film.

Scarborough was our first film together that boldly combined two visual mediums: live-action and stopmotion animation to tell a personal story. Scarborough's mascot and animated doll was a dragon. And the rest is history. Bye Oddyssey. Hello TinDragon.

Hopping back to present-day, March has been a great month in some ways. Challenging in others. When opportunity knocks, open the door. Make the leap. Good things are possible when you take a risk and put in the hard work!

(Cheesy inspiration over. Now please check my SXSW '19 list.)

SxSW 2019 Feature Films

1) The Art of Self Defense

2) Peanut Butter Falcon

3) Body at Brighton Rock

4) Little Monsters

5) Mickey & the Bear

6) Sword of Trust

7) Sunset Over Mulholland Drive

8) Greener Grass

9) Tales from the Lodge

SxSW 2019 Short Films

1) Manila is Full of Men Named Boy

2) Milton

3) Fuck You

4) Washed Away

5) The Orphan

6) Sundays

7) Stepdaddy

8) Heroines

Article written by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall

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