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This weekend, I am a proud papa producer! Two of Oddyssey's productions premiered at the Los Angeles Mindfield Film Festival! One of them won an award too. From watching Killer of the Week (dir. Robert Tiemstra) and Scarborough (dir. Walker Sayen) on the big screen and answering the Q&A, it was a blast to share our experiences. Shout out to the cast and crew who came to the festival and supported the team!

My Boys

More importantly, I think it is super resourceful to share my fresh thoughts and hot takes on the film festival circuit. Because W-O-W, attending festivals, mixers and screenings is a rich spring of knowledge for us creatives.

1) So your film, a passion baby of weeks and months, is accepted and considered for accolades. Now what? First off, enjoy the thrill of knowing that your work is paying off in some shape or another. Rejection stings a bit more here in the entertainment biz. For many of us, self-doubt and settling are common mechanisms for minimizing the bite of rejection. But when you have a win, it's a win! My best advice for those pursuing their creative ambitions, count the blessings. In the face of adversity or disappointment, remember to let yourself breath. Victories, both big and small, are signposts to unearthing your full potential. It adds up!

2) At the screening, I noticed that Rob was writing notes on what he enjoyed about the other movies. Explaining his process, I think there is merit in the analysis of your fellow peers' projects. It presents a sort of road map about where you should challenge yourself as a professional.

Rob, for example, loves his horror films. V-Day is Silence of the Lambs Day. We saw three great horror/thriller movies, each uniquely their own via story, production value and scares. He took away something from each movie as a teachable moment for his own directing style. He wants to learn next and how to make improvements.

From the technical to the creative, learning from other people's work is key to mastering your craft!

3) NETWORKING IS 90% of the game. You can be the next Scorsese or Bigelow or Park Chan-wook, but knowing when and where to connect with like-minded individuals and collaborators is a super necessary skill. Filmmaking is all about working together with different facets and expertises. You will always need people to support you; whether they are crew, investors or "personal cheerleaders."

At events like this, you can meet a lot of cool people and those relationships are great to have. Big no-no is don't expect new friends and acquaintances to immediately jump onboard with an idea you just pitched them. Imagine walking up to a stranger and selling a movie idea in 60 seconds, then asking them if they want to contribute their time, money and resources. Nothing ever moves that fast! Make a friend, not a piggybank.

Shoutout to Mindfield Film Festival and Raleigh Studios for a great time. I'm glad that Walker, Rob and I saw the fruits of our labor pay off. And we're expecting more good news down the road for Scarborough & Killer of the Week. I'll be sure to update y'all!

Here are the "Coming Up" snippets from the festival:

Written by Chandler Kilgore-Parshall

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