Rob's Watching...


No matter when you’re reading this, there’s a greater than average chance that Robert Tiemstra is crouched over a keyboard or notebook working on his next story. This creative workaholic grew up in Oakland California alongside his twin brother Matthew. Robert graduated from Emerson College in 2016 with a BFA in film production and a minor in creative writing. During his time at Emerson, he won an Evvy award for Outstanding Beginner film for a short he shot on 16mm film. A practiced hand within the horror & dark comedy genres, his storytelling style has been described as a mix of humanism and the macabre.


Since moving to Los Angeles, Robert devotes most of his time advancing his career as a writer & filmmaker. On top of his involvement with Oddyssey Films, he is currently employed as a director for the Youtube Channel Wisecrack, guiding video essays through production. Additionally, he has written 10 episodes for podcasts produced by the Parcast Network - 5 for their show Tales, 2 for Hostage, and he’s currently finishing his third episode for Mythology. He’s also a member of the iOComedy video sketch team Lapcat - he just wrote & edited their latest sketch, entitled Interesting Police.

His latest short film, Killer of the Week, is currently working its way around the film festival circuit, and will premiere at the 2019 Mindfield Film Festival. The continuing success of this film has spurred Robert to begin development on several tangential stories, which he hopes to be able to announce soon!