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3 Ways Video Has Changed College Admissions Marketing

July 5th, 2023

Written by The TinDragon Team

TinDragon University is in summer session! The advent of video marketing has inspired a significant evolution across various sectors, not least of which is higher education. The college admissions process has undergone a radical transformation, enabled by the integration of innovative video marketing strategies.

Video marketing has catalyzed a paradigm shift from traditional, text-based college admissions tactics to more dynamic, engaging, and informative strategies. This change has allowed colleges to not only enhance their outreach but also establish stronger connections with prospective students. Here are three ways the college admission game has changed through video marketing.

First Way: Enhanced Branding and Outreach

Campus Virtual Tours

One of the most notable changes in college admissions comes in the form of virtual tours. These videos provide students with immersive, 360-degree views of campuses, classrooms, hostels, and other facilities, effectively bringing the college experience to the student’s screen.

Alumni and Student Testimonials

Video testimonials offer genuine insights from current students and alumni, helping prospective students understand the real-world experiences and outcomes they can expect. They serve as powerful tools for authenticating a college's claims and enhancing its credibility.

Try this Emerson College Los Angeles event video for example:

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos highlighting academic programs, faculty achievements, and unique offerings help colleges distinguish themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape. They effectively communicate a college's unique selling propositions and foster its brand identity.

Like this promotional video for Gear Up 4 LA's Occidental College Tour!

Second Way: Increased Engagement & Interactivity

Webinars and Live Q&A Sessions

Interactive live sessions such as webinars and Q&As offer a platform for real-time engagement between colleges and prospective students. They enable colleges to address queries, provide information, and foster personal connections, increasing engagement and affinity.

User-Generated Content

Encouraging self-produced content, such as video essays or creative project submissions, can create a sense of involvement and belonging among prospective students. This interactive approach can enhance students’ engagement and reinforce their interest in the college.

Third Way: Improved Decision-Making Process

Informational and Explainer Videos

Informational videos that explain complex subjects like course structure, financial aid, and application procedures can simplify the decision-making process for students. By breaking down complex information into easily digestible content, colleges can guide students towards making informed decisions.

Video Interviews

Video interviews offer a convenient and time-efficient alternative to traditional, in-person ones. They provide a platform for students all over to demonstrate their personalities and competencies, aiding colleges in their selection process.

Challenges and Opportunities in Video Marketing for College Admissions

Navigating the Potential Pitfalls

As with any marketing strategy, video marketing comes with its own set of challenges. These include the need for technical expertise, the effort and resources required for creating high-quality content, and the necessity to stay current with rapidly evolving video trends.

Exploiting the Opportunities

Despite these challenges, the opportunities offered by video marketing are immense. The key lies in harnessing these opportunities effectively, experimenting with diverse content types, and continuously refining strategies based on audience feedback and engagement metrics.


The Future of Video Marketing in College Admissions

The integration of video marketing in college admissions is more than a passing trend; it's a strategic shift that's poised to shape the future of higher education. As colleges continue to innovate with video, the admissions process will undoubtedly become more accessible, engaging, and student-friendly.

TinDragon Can Help!

Our experience in the Higher Education field makes us confident that we can help any college create unique storytelling, interactive, or informative videos to attract new prospective students. Contact us today and get a 100% free consultation!

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