As a video production company, TinDragon Media specializes in creating personally-attentive and hand-crafted stories for our clients: whether it’s animation, branded content, podcasts, or narratives. We work one-on-one with you to realize your vision through the versatile and ever-expanding world of video production. Our industry expertise and hands-on approach will serve as the creative gear that keeps your business turning for years to come. 

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This is where the magic happens! From conceptualizing your ideas to finishing them up in post, TinDragon Media offers an array of great production services that can be tailored to your story.

Capturing the moments that matter most requires a great camera and great talent behind the lens. TinDragon use the latest digital cinema cameras packages and shoot in both HD and 4K format.

Great audio helps bring together the entire story. TinDragon Media operates its sets with wireless mics/lavs and a boom mic to get the best sound quality possible!

Animation is a rich and wonderfully ambitious process that allows for your imagination to run wild. We can design new worlds, vividly colorful characters and more.


From storyboarding your vision, to adding motion to your ideas to the final touches in compositing, we love animation!

Shine bright! Lighting is an essential part of any production, that’s why we use industry-standard equipment to up the quality of your videos.

Once we have filmed your story on set, time to put together the heart and soul of your video! This is the final part of the production. 


Editing can include:

- Color Correction / Design

- Sound Design

- VFX and Motion Graphics

- Reformatting videos for Social Media 

- Captions

Like good storytellers, TinDragon Media will help you start your production journey at Chapter One. TinDragon Media can:


- Research ideas and strategies

into how to produce your video.

-  Write the scripts and copy

for your video and/or marketing strategy

- Hire the Production Crew and Talent

(On-Set and Voiceover).

- Manage all the logistics and technical details to ensure a smooth production.

- Be available to you throughout

the experience!