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Our Services

From Corporate Videos to Animation, TinDragon Media's production

services are vast and adaptable to all your creative needs. From Development to Post,

our company is always aiming to make your story personalized and cinematic!


For the bigger picture, check out TinDragon Media's past work or how the process starts.

Brand Videos

Brand Videos are powerful tools businesses can use to improve their sales and customer service. These videos are a window into a business' explain mission, values and vision in a engaging and entertaining way.


At TinDragon Media, we approach Brand and Corporate Videos with a documentary angle that focus more on the people and their work than sales-y buzzwords to channel authenticity through your content. 

Brand Videos set you apart from the competition and clearly communicates your journey to the world!

Scripted Videos

Need a digital ad, video commercial or music video produced? TinDragon Media's team of creatives love creating inventive and magical experiences through the power of film production.


With Scripted Content, the company aids the client through the Creative Development, Pre-Production, Production and Editing stages.  This is your story!

Informative &
Explainer Videos

You are passionate about what you do. But how do you explain it to your customers and audience? Ditch the Powerpoints and produce an Explainer Video. Explainer videos aim to communicate how something works in a simple and engaging way!


At TinDragon Media, we walk through the materials and processes of your product and find a creative avenue to make it clear and cinematic. 


Animation is a rich and wonderfully ambitious medium that allows for your imagination to run wild. TinDragon can design new worlds, vividly colorful characters and visual effects!

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