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Frequently Asked Questions

Does TinDragon Media own the studio?

  • The studio is owned and managed by Ctrl Collective Pasadena, a shared workspace facility that TinDragon Media is a member of. Due to our membership, TinDragon is able to quickly rent the studio at any time, at a discounted rate not available for guests. We believe this space is too good to pass up for our clients and their video needs.

Why book my shoot here? There are so many studios in LA!

  • Most video studios run $100/hour or more and you are still responsible for hiring a production crew and renting equipment from vendors with varying rates and availability! With the TDM Package, you know you get the space, talent and gear in one go-to bundle! Plus Pasadena is a great area for business, dining and hanging out!

Can I book Ctrl Collective’s studio without the TDM package?

  • Yes you can. But you would be responsible for hiring your own film crew, getting equipment, coordinating the shoot and ensuring the studio is in great condition throughout your stay. We imagine you have better things to do. With TinDragon Media, we would handle everything for you.

Could TinDragon book the space for me without using their services?

  • For professional and safety assurances, we would need to be actively present in the studio booking and production process to ensure the work is being done safely and the space is left in pristine condition for Ctrl Collective and the other guests who want to use it. 

What if my booking goes overtime or past my booking time?

  • This is a case-by-case scenario! Stuff happens and we want to make sure you leave the studio happy and with your footage! To ensure you don’t go overtime, we will give the Client 2 heads-ups. the first heads-up will be 60-minutes before we are hit the Wrap Hour. Second heads-up is when we hit the Wrap Hour and decide if the shoot needs to continue or push for another day. If Production goes over the booking time, additional costs will incur for each additional hour our crew is working.

  • To ensure all your objectives are achievable, we will do a General Brief call and discuss what’s doable within the specific timeframe.

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