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The Process

This is where the magic happens! From conceptualizing your ideas to finishing them up in post, the Production Process is driven by talented, thoughtful and creative professionals. TinDragon Media will ensure your ideas, your stories are realized!


When you book our services, here's where your video starts...




Like good storytellers, TinDragon Media will help you start your journey at Chapter One. Development includes fleshing out the idea, writing the script (if applicable), and figuring out the finances and logistics of the project.

  • Research ideas and strategies into how to produce your video.

  • Scriptwriting and Copywriting services for your video and/or marketing strategy.

  • Hire Actors for On-Camera and Voiceover performances.

  • Provide responsive support and hands-on creative care throughout the process.



Professional productions require time

and preparation before the cameras start rolling!

In Pre-Production, TinDragon Media will coordinate the important details to ensure each production runs smoothly, safely and efficiently.

We handle the big and small details like:

  • Hiring and onboarding Production Crew for large scale productions.

  • Coordinate shoot days and develop schedule to film scenes, interviews and time-sensitive events.

  • Research the subject matter and prepare questions for interviews (Documentary Format).

  • Rehearsals with talent for their scenes (Scripted Format).

  • Connect with vendors for equipment rentals, props and other essentials for your production.


  • Scout and book locations with the necessary permits and insurance. Plan travel and lodging accordingly for out-of-town productions.

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Lights, camera, action!


This is where the fun begins! TinDragon Media has its own high-grade DSLR cameras, lighting equipment and sound gear, along with an industry experienced team of  Camera Operators, Lighting Gaffers, Tech Swings,  Sound Mixers and Artists to make your vision come to life. 

From scripted content with actors, to interviews with real interesting people, TinDragon Media is ready to capture the moments as they happen!



Once we have filmed your story on set, time to put together the heart and soul of your video! This is the final part of the production. Our editing services include:

  • Assembling footage shot-by-shot based on script, outline and/or creative direction

  • Color Grade and Color Correction

  • Sound Design and Audio Mixing

  • Royalty-Free Stock Footage and Music

  • VFX and Motion Graphics

  • Reformatting Videos for Social Media and Websites

  • Accessibility Options (Open or Closed Captions)

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Screen Shot 2023-01-12 at 2.40.39 PM.png

Animation Services

Animation is a rich and wonderfully ambitious process that allows for your imagination to run wild. The process allows us can to create new worlds, vividly colorful characters.

We have partnered with great animators and illustrators who have experience on productions for Netflix, Titmouse Animation and the Wall Street Journal. 


We go through the Creative Development process, develop artwork and storyboard your vision, then bring the illustrations to life, along with final touches in compositing and editing. 

Please contact to learn more about the animation process.



Once we have filmed, time to put together the heart and soul of your video! This is the final part of the production. 

  • Assembling footage into a complete story based on script, outline and/or creative direction.

  • Color Grading.

  • Sound Design and Audio Mixing.

  • Royalty-Free Stock Footage and Music.

  • Reformat Videos for Social Media & Websites.

  • Accessibility Options (Open or Closed Captions).

  • Send Final Deliverables to Client for their marketing purposes and intentions.

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Project Timeline

Every production is unique! There is no "cookie cutter" or "one size fits all" approach  to telling your story. 


The timeline for most video projects range from 2-8 weeks from the

concept to final delivery. This can vary based on scope, revisions and deadlines. Expedited deadlines may incur an increase of TinDragon's service rates. Producing content that speaks to you will take a little extra time and care.


Professional productions don't have to be as expensive as a Hollywood blockbuster.

At TinDragon Media, we value our skill, labor and people, as everyone puts 110% into what they do from Development to Post. So it takes real money to make an amazing story. 


A Production Budget depends on creative concept, talent involved, and resources available. Proposals include an estimate based on number of hours, the labor and the creative concept. If scope of work changes throughout the process, time and costs may change.


Our full-service productions range between $20k - $50K+.  We can accommodate lower budgets on occasion for those that align with our TinDragon values -

or just requiring an individual service like Filming or Editing.

Outside the Box Opportunities

Need something more than a video? For our other services like 

podcasting, teaching and film workshop lessons,


Project FAQ
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