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Hannah Y. Kim

Former AAPI Communications Director,
Biden for President

"From finalizing the script to last minute editing, TinDragon Media was very hands on. TinDragon Media was part of our effort to inform, mobilize and empower voters through various platforms. The video they helped produce was the culmination of the campaign’s unprecedented efforts to galvanize the AAPI community and to highlight the importance of the AAPI vote—and aptly presented our shared hopes and dreams for a better future.  Again, I highly recommend TinDragon Media for your production needs."

Cyn Severson Hypnotherapy

"OMG!!! I can tell you that Chandler and Walker are exemplary professionals. They are masters at their craft and did such an excellent job with my videos. They went above and beyond to make sure I was able to upload and use all of what they created for me. I highly recommend them for all your, video, podcast, social media videos and any of your media creations you need. You can see some of their videos they created on my YouTube channel: Cyn Severson Hypnotherapy."


Garrett Black

"Contracted the guys at TinDragon for a short pilot. Super professional. They were able to light and frame everything gorgeously despite the restricted budget. Would absolutely hire again."

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