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TinDragon Media 4th Anniversary Retrospective

4 Years Ago…


TinDragon Media’s story as a production company began on March 13th, 2019.

Two friends and creative partners wanted to combine their passion for filmmaking with giving businesses and organizations a voice in telling their story. 

The journey has been filled with amazing people, evocative imagery, new discoveries, rewarding challenges and a lot of growth. TinDragon Media prevailed through a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, thanks to the many collaborations with great clients and the most talented creatives in the business (Camera Operators, Gaffers, Animators, Illustrators, etc). TinDragon Media is forever grateful for 

the connections and collaborations that made it the company is today...


All throughout March, TinDragon Media is doing a special retrospective series about the defining projects and relationships that made the company the success it is today. You’ll see clips, behind-the-scenes and thoughts from the team. Plus new marketing content from the TDM Collaborators! TinDragon Media can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with you all month-long!

March 28th, 2023       

TinDragon Media worked with the Biden 2020 Campaign and its AAPI Coalition to produce a digital ad that speaks to the Asian American Pacific Islander Communities during the 2020 Presidential Election. Covid-19 may have kept the team at home, but their creative spirits were working at full throttle. 


Ideas changed, but the call to action was always the same. The most exciting part was the collaborations with the campaign and Hollywood’s biggest AAPI celebrities like The Rock, Kumail Nanjiani, Mindy Kaling and Connie Chung for celebrity endorsements. Including a cameo from Vice President Kamala Harris herself!

March 23rd, 2023       

Heroes assemble! In 2020, TinDragon Media collaborated with education programs, Study Smart Tutors and Cal-SOAP LA, to produce animated videos that guide high schoolers in finding the resources to go to college! We found the mission of Cal-SOAP LA's coordinators and mentors extremely aspiring, so when we had to create a concept for the videos, we went straight to superheroes! Working with the staff, we gave them all powers based on their responsibilities and we loved how the videos came out!

Plus it was the beginning of our new animation services during the pandemic, which kept TinDragon in business during a very turbulent time.

Cal-SOAP LA Still 1.png

March 22nd, 2023       

Ever heard "We can fix it in Post?" Editing and Post-Production is the last but crucial stage in the video producing process! It's when you assemble all the footage, music, story, graphics and visual effects together into a beautiful video. It's quite a sight to behold!

But how can a Client contribute their thoughts to the editing process to ensure they achieve their vision?


Director and Editor Rob Tiemstra writes the ways a professional TinDragon editor and a Client can collaborate to ensure the video is perfect.

Clarity in Motion Cover.png
A female graphic editor

March 14th, 2023       

On a TinDragon Project, the Producer is always needed at every step of the production from planning to shooting to editing, in order to ensure a project is on time and on budget. But more importantly, a TinDragon Producer is the voice for the 

Client's vision, expectations and goals. Fellow Producer Lacie Armstrong dives into what makes the Producer essential!

March 13th, 2023       

Today, TinDragon Media turns 4 years old!

The Retrospective Project has given us the opportunity to reflect on the hard work, collaborations and progress from 2019 to now. We’re so grateful to those who supported us every step of the way!


Looking ahead, we’re excited to produce more #documentary style work, more #brandedcontent #commercials and more #narrativecontent for our clients, big and small. Thank you to all who have made our TinDragon story grand.


March 10th, 2023       

At the end of 2019, TinDragon Media worked with Chef Eric Horowitz and LIFT Enrichment on their Kids Can Cook Online Masterclass that teaches children how to cook healthy and tasty meals like Orange Chicken and Pasta Alfredo. 


TinDragon worked with Eric and his sous-chef to create 18 dishes over the span of two days! While the schedule was super tight, we were happy to see Chef Eric teach his Guest Kid Chefs some new culinary skills. And the food was delicious. The positives of being the production crew on a food shoot!

In fact, it was the start of us doing more food-based video work.

Screen Shot 2021-02-25 at 12.57.30 PM.png

March 9th, 2023       

When comes to your video marketing and brand management, consistency is key to win your customers and audiences. In order to achieve this, it helps to establish and define a look, tone and message for yourself. It takes time and investment to elevate your content to higher calibers of quality.


But that's where the fun begins! Your Brand can become something bigger than your business, it become as fun and gigantic like the Marvel Cinematic Universe! You can make your image fun, adventurous, self-aware or epic! Writer and TinDragon collaborator Alexa Garster springs into action as she explains how one's brand can become one of heroic proportions!

Your Business is a Cinematic Universe.png

March 8th, 2023       

TinDragon Media met the fabulous Cyn Severson who explained the benefits of hypnotherapy and "womanifesting" your goals by understanding one's triggers, compulsions and layers of consciousness.


The team had a blast guiding Cyn, a first timer, through the video production process and we love how the final product came out.

It channels a calm and meditative

aesthetic that speaks to Cyn's business. 

Cyn Severson.png

March 7th, 2023       

In 2019, TinDragon Media partnered with the fantastic non-profit and filmmaking summer camp Girls in Focus! Remembering our days as young kids learning how to use a camera, our team felt compelled to tell a slice-of-life story about the 12-18 year old campers producing their first short films.

Screen Shot 2023-03-06 at 6.30.48 PM.png

After graduating from Emerson College in 2016, Walker and Chandler first collaborated on a short film called Scarborough, a family drama that explored David, a young boy, processing his parents’ divorce through the power of storytelling.


The emotional short stars Jake Getman, Heidi Rhodes and Darren Kendrick. From the stopmotion animation to the great chemistry among the cast, Scarborough was a fantastic lesson in creative producing and collaboration, as well as the prelude to TinDragon.


March 2nd, 2023

Creating authentic video content can be a great way to connect with your target audience and build trust with them. Remember that authenticity is about being genuine, honest, and relatable, and that it should always be at the forefront of your video content strategy.


But how do you do that effectively?


Find the Character, Voice and Hook in your business. When you know your business from an introspective and spiritual level, the authentic shines through. See how the Hollywood method of storytelling can apply to your video content. 

tdm blog cover art v2.png

March 1st, 2023
4th Anniversary Trailer

March kicks off the start of the month-long TinDragon Retrospective on 4 years of incredible visual storytelling, creative collaborations and fantastic people. We can't wait to share more about how TinDragon's past will shape the company's future.

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