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5 Reasons Why Documentary Style Videos Will Work For Your Business (2023)

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

April 10th, 2023

By Walker Sayen / TinDragon Media

It is more important than ever for businesses to engage their audiences through human connection. Customers want to have an emotional relationship with the brands they love. As consumers, we’ve become savvy about when we’re being “sold” something. The more honest and transparent you are with your customers, the more likely they are to trust you and value your brand. We like feeling connected to the businesses we patron, like regulars at the local coffee shop.

Documentary-style (or docustyle) ads organically create lasting connections between your business and potential customers.

But what are Documentary style videos, and why do they work in marketing?

What is a Documentary-Style Video?

At the core, documentaries are a type of filmmaking that focuses on authentic individuals and their compelling narratives. These productions utilize interviews and visual footage to portray intriguing stories that you might encounter on channels such as National Geographic.

Documentary storytelling isn't just for TV and Movie Theaters, you see documentaries everywhere online, being used by brands to engage their audience. From Pepsi to Bank of America, you’ll spot Documentary Ads as a vital part of all marketing and social media campaigns.

This is because the Documentary Video is one of the most powerful ways to engage your audience as a visual storytelling platform. Docs allow you to tell a compelling story about your brand or product in an engaging and memorable way, without that over.

Using image, sound, and story, documentary filmmaking is an art form of communication. As viewers, we learn and empathize with real people’s stories captured on camera. Storytelling goes way, way back! Since the beginning of humanity, we’ve been telling stories around the fire, looking each other in the eyes, and communicating. Documentaries are a continuation, a form allowing people to sit in front of a camera and tell their story to the world.

The magic of documentary content isn't just reserved for the biggest name brands, but can be an effective marketing tool for all businesses and organizations! To learn more about how documentary ads can help you connect with your audience, keep reading; this is what we love to do!

What are the benefits of Documentary-Style Videos?

There is no better way to build an empathetic connection with an audience than by telling real stories that highlight the values behind a brand. Authenticity is so crucial to gaining traction with your video watching audiences, seeing people passionately doing and talking about what they care about resonates!

Plus it does wonders on social media! Short-form documentaries are highly shareable on social media platforms, making them an effective way to reach a wider audience. If your documentary is well-made and resonates with your target audience, it can be shared and re-shared by people who are interested in your brand or product. With the documentary approach to video storytelling, you are achieving all that with visual flair and cinematography.

Documentary-style ads reach viewers more directly than other forms of marketing because they provide relatable stories that build an emotional relationship with viewers.

Now that we’ve talked about the broad benefits of documentary-style video ads let's break down five key reasons doc-style content will help grow your business!

5 Key Reasons Documentary-Style Footage will help grow your Business

1. Documentary films convey empathy and authenticity.

The reason documentaries are so good at building authentic connections is because they allow viewers to go behind the scenes and meet the people who work at a company. We get to see the stories of the founders and employees. By opening up your doors and sharing a little bit of your magic, your become the friends and family of your customers. This connection will form a bond that keeps customers coming back.

2. DocuStyle Ads is cost-effective content that can be reused.

Filming documentary content for just a few days can create enough video content for a whole year. Since an average interview is 30+ minutes, you can craft many narratives from the same content. A full length video between 2-3 minutes that crafts a compelling overview of your business can be cut down into 10-60 second bites that highlight specific services or products. This content can be continually re-shared and sublimated with new footage to provide great value per video. Check out some of our video packages to see for yourself!

3. Documentary Ads increase your business's professional image.

An interview with cinematic lighting and beautiful framing is the perfect way to showcase expertise. When we se a high quality talking-head in a feature documentary we immediately lean forward and listen to what they have to say. By creating your own documentary you are showing your audience how much knowledge you have in your industry.

4. Documentary Ads feel more causal than traditional advertising.

People have become increasingly aware of when an advertisement is selling something. In comparison documentaries feel like you’re sitting down with a friend and hearing them tell you their story. Authentic storytelling is key! Documentary content feel more raw and seem unplanned. Even though a lot of highly skilled preparation has gone into the project. Using your own words to tell your story is much more powerful than reading a script.

5. Documentary Ads help customers discover your brand.

When scrolling on social media, intimate stories told through interviews and B-roll can cause someone to stop and watch. The doc content resonates with people and is more likely to be shared. People like watching compelling true stories, it’s content that is enjoyed for its own sake. And people want to share stories that move them. And if people share your stories, more people will find your products and services. There is still no better way to find new customers than word-of-mouth.

Are Documentary Style Videos Right for you?

The documentary model of video production has come to the forefront in recent years. Audiences are hungry for compelling authentic stories. We want to identify with the businesses and brands we love, and learn about the individuals behind them. So take advantage of the power of the docu-style.

If you’re a business that wants to showcase how your product or service solves a problem, documentary videos are a great way to use storytelling to engage your audience.

How do you make a Documentary-style video for your business?

But how do you go about producing your first doc-style ad? You can always try to make one yourself; you know your business better than anyone. But without the expertise in video storytelling, from development, production, and post-production, the product might not come out the way you envisioned. And low-quality video content can have the reverse effect and harm your audience engagement.

So if you don’t already have an experienced video producer on your team, it’s best to partner with a video production company vendor to collaborate on the content-creating journey. And what’s more fun then sitting back and letting yourself get the Hollywood treatment? Being on set is exhilarating, especially when all the logistics are taken care of!

As a Los Angeles Video Production company, we at TinDragon Media love meeting new people and discovering their compelling stories. We’d love the opportunity to talk with you and hear how we can help you start your video journey.

About Walker

Walker Sayen is the Co-Founder and President of TinDragon Media.

Born and raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Walker Sayen always loved telling and crafting stories. Storytelling through the medium of film was an immediate passion of his as a kid. Influenced by many genres, from fiction filmmaking to documentary storytelling, he has merged his influences from spaghetti westerns to the documentaries of Frederick Wiseman.

Walker brings his unique vision and experience to making movies. ​ After graduating from Emerson College in 2016, Walker has developed a wide-ranging slate of production experience in the film industry. He’s worked in every aspect of the filmmaking process, from Cinematographer to 1st AC to Gaffer; he knows the ins and outs of a set like nobody's business!

He loves to film unique voices and capture beautiful images that make the every-day magical. He especially loves filming, architecture, art, and craftspeople at work. His eagerness to experiment with a camera brings another level of professionalism and creativity to TinDragon's projects.

Email him ( about your projects, nature photography insights, and favorite restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles Area!


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