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Walker Sayen is the Co-Founder and President of TinDragon Media.


Born and raised in Lawrenceville, New Jersey, Walker Sayen always loved telling and crafting stories. Storytelling through the medium of film was an immediate passion of his as a kid. Influenced by many genres, from fiction filmmaking to documentary storytelling, he has merged his influences from spaghetti westerns to the documentaries of Frederick Wiseman.


After graduating from Emerson College in 2016, Walker has developed a wide-ranging slate of production experience in the film industry. He’s worked in every aspect of the filmmaking process, from Cinematographer to 1st AC to Gaffer.He loves to film unique voices and capture beautiful images that make the every-day magical. He especially loves filming, architecture, art, and craftspeople at work. His eagerness to experiment with a camera brings another level of professionalism and creativity to TinDragon's projects.


Email him ( about your projects, nature photography insights, and favorite restaurants in the Greater Los Angeles Area!

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